Yatra Doot Program

Become a part of the movement on EMPOWERMENT & ENTREPRENURSHIP


Selectors Panel

Yuva Prerna Yatra is a unique journey across Himalayan region to showcase and interact with iconic individuals as a role model for next generation of “Champions of Change”. The aim is to serve solution of local problems through local means and empowering people through entrepreneurship. Yuva Prerna Yatra is provding an opportunity to young and dynamic minds of the country to broaden our shoulders across various colleges in the nation– the Yatra Doot for Yuva Prerna Yatra. As a Yatra Doot for Yuva Prerna Yatra, you are responsible for spreading the vision of Yuva Prerna Yatra on your campus and beyond.

The responsbilties that we expect from our Yatra Doot to take on:
  • Build awareness about the Yuva Prerna Yatra movement in your college.
  • Coordinating with us in organizing any event/workshop in your college.
  • Get high-potential applications from your network for Yuva Prerna Yatra.
  • Manage relationship between college and Yuva Prerna Yatra team.

your take always from yatra Doot Program:
  • A certificate of appreciation from undersigned by Yuva Prerna Yatra.
  • Best Yatra Doot of every month will get an invitation to flag off ceremony of Yuva Prerna Yatra.
  • Recognition in the form of integration of name on the website.
  • Time to time opportunity to win goodies like T-shirts, bags and much more.
  • Chance to become a Part of Yuva Prena Yatra Volunteer team and get a complete different exposure in the field of ENTREPRENUERSHIP.

Application Process and Eligibility:
The nomination form for the Doots is attached here along the link. Based upon your form, you will be interviewed telephonically. After that, based upon final short listing you will be informed about your selection. There is no particular criteria for year/branch in which you study, we only need enthusiasm and sincereity towards the post.
Full time regular students of any college are eligible to apply for this post. If you are a resourceful person, it will surely add up your chance but it is not the any criteria for short listing. Link: Application Form
Terms And Conditions:

You need to follow the code of conduct of Yuva Prerna.

In matter of any discrepancy, final decision will be taken by Yuva Prerna yatra team.