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This is the nation building exercise with rural development through youth empowerment. We are seeking to engage corporations, institutions, foundations and individual from India and abroad. You are welcome to associate as a sponsor of this exercise with the highly motivated brigade of youth. As a sponsor, your contribution will go towards our long term goal to create a 100% cost free participations for all deserving participants.


As you know about Yuva Prerna concept and its relevance in the nation building and inclusive growth, we shall through some lights on co-operate prospective. Yuva Prerna will work with 3 types of intervention. The first intervention is Yuva Prerna Yatra which will bring together a highly motivated talented brigade of young minds who are ready to engage with the local resources for the livelihood generation through this unique learning initiative apart from the traditional class room learning or office setting.For the corporate, Yuva Prerna is providing an opportunity to excel a platform to engage with challenging and motivated youth talent in a very innovative way. By joining us in the journey, you will have an opportunity to test your corporate ideas, products and have access to youth from tier-1 & tier-2 institutes across the India.

We invite firms to promote their corporate, brand message to our formative audience by:
  • Introducing your organization as an institution for change.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
  • Convey the message of Social Responsibility through action.
In return for your contribution and support for Yuva Prerna you will benefit from
  • Year round coverage through our awareness activities, launch function, during the Yatra and post Yatra activities.
  • Wide media presence in the event.
  • Wide presence on the social media, Yuva Prerna Website website and blogs.
  • Have access to thousands of opted in user registration data.
  • Messages heard in the Yatra discussed at university forums and chat groups.

Sponsor Participant


For the foundation/trust, Yuva Prerna provides a unique platform to engage with youth who seek to create sustainable and scalable micro and rural enterprises and meet the challenges of society and nation. This is a great opportunity for you to share your vision with the highly enthusiastic young minds and get their help in achieving your goal.

After the extensive research Yuva Prerna designed this program in such a way, where those young participants also coming from the remote area, can get the maximum benefit from it and can start some good livelihood initiative in their own respective area to connect with local resources. This is a mammoth project requiring significant investment in logistics, planning and organization. This is where you can help by contributing towards Yatra and providing the young participants a wonderful opportunity to experience the Yatra.

  • Conduct awareness presentations in colleges/institutions, NGOs
  • Organise small Sabha between Friends & different groups.
  • Deliver presentations and organized small meeting in your town/village and surrounding areas
We invite foundations/trusts to promote their message to our formative audience by:
  • Introducing your organization as an institution for change.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
  • Conveying the message of inclusive growth you aim for.
  • Giving details of your programs and initiatives.

Individual Contribution

We hope that by the time you reach this section of the web site you already know a little about Yuva Prerna. Through our journey, we are attempting to engage with youth and imbibe within them impressions that last a lifetime. The project is based on a fundamental belief that Rural development through enterprise is an important way to unlock the potential of young India for the betterment of its communities.
So you have always dreamt of playing a part in the future of India and helping shape it. Here is your chance.


It is with your participation that we will set the wheels of the Yuva Prerna rolling. There are three ways in which you can be part of a history-making change.

  • Taking part in the Yatra as a participant or facilitator. We are trying to raise funds for the deserving but needy candidates through our sponsers. We urge you to sign up as paying candidates if you are able to while applying for yuva prerna yatra.
  • Sponsoring few selected participants who can not afford the cost of the Yatra. The cost of sponsoring a participant is Rs. 20,000 or $500 US.
  • Donating towards Yuva Prerna yatra and making it a sustainable project.

The parent body of Yuva Prerna is I For Nation Foundation, which is a charitable organisation working towards skill and enterprise development . It is registered as a public trust in Noida . Sponsor Yatra: Contact team@yuvaprernayatra.org if you are a corporate and would like to sponsor us. Alternatively, call +91-8650133136