A young social entrepreneur, Ritesh Garg, an alumnus of Banaras Hindu University, extensively travelled across the nation. During his diverse interactions with the people especially youth, he developed a unique understanding of various regions of India. Based on these efforts and experiences, he identified the need for sustainable development in rural areas with a different perspective. With an enriched experience of 5 years journey and the comprehension of the ground reality, he formulated and designed the new concept of Yuva Prerna Empowerment through Enterprise.

Year 2012

Ritesh came back to Uttarakhand and explored the rural parts of the state and realized the fact that Pahad Ki Jawani aur Pahad ka Paani, kabhi uske kaam nahi aati(The resources of mountains and the youth of mountains are not being utilized for mountains). He designed a 3 phased approach for the development of the remote areas. He began to organize the resources in the state and presented the idea of Yuva Prerna-Empowerment through Enterprise in various conferences and seminars. He discussed the idea with many professionals, academicians, intellectuals and decided to organize the Yuva Prerna Yatras.

Year 2013

Jan 2013 is the month when the idea came to the public and the website of Yuva Prerna Yatra was launched and the first YPY announced.